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PayPal: Secure online payments! Visual Basic 6.0

  Visual Basic 6.0 (25) Widgets
CS0024Age Function VB 6.0 Using DateDiff()
CS0071Calculate multiple Rates by # of Days Function
CS0085Centralized Error Handling Function with Logfile (VB 6.0)
CS0019Centralized Error Logging Function with Email
CS0002Corrupted Access Database Repair
CS0170Corrupted Access Database Repair with Data Extractor.
CS0055Create a function that returns multiple values.
CS0117Create XML files from Microsoft® Access or VB 6.0
CS0103Custom Programming and Development Services
CS0163Date Validation Function (Microsoft® Access,VB.6.0)
CS0004DateRange Calendar For Microsoft® Access
CS0015DateRange Class VB 6.0
CS0087Get the Selected Items from a multi-select Listbox (Microsoft® Access)
CS0028Hierarchial N-Tier Recursive Data Structure (VB 6.0)
CS0018HTML EMail Merge using Microsoft® Access
CS0038Lead Tools Imaging Toolkits
CS0027Multi Level Pricing (Recursive Data Structure)
CS0054Phone Number Format Function (US, Canada)
CS0005Pop-Up Search Form Template
CS0063Project Tracking Database & Customer Web Interface
CS0009ProperCase Function VB 6.0
CS0031Synchronize Remote .mdb Front-Ends Automatically
CS0034TX Text Control
CS0064Using the Windows Registry to store values.
CS0134Validation of a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

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When I received my ASP.NET E-Commerce application it was for the purpose of marketing my software inventory via the internet. It took a minimal amount of time to launch it and offers host of traffic tracking options for further market study and analysis. Overall an excellent product.
Richard G.

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