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CS0002 - Adding a Default value of zero in a lookup Query (SQL Server)
CS0009 - ProperCase Function VB 6.0
CS0013 - Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7.1
CS0032 - ProperCase.Net Function
CS0035 - Alternate row colors on reports with Microsoft Access 2000-2016
CS0040 - Add Sounds to button events. ASP.NET
CS0042 - Create a Session Database Connection through code (ASP.NET)
CS0043 - Age Function VB.Net using DateDiff()
CS0046 - Countries Dropdown Combo (240)
CS0047 - Regions Dropdown Combo (65) Canada & US
CS0051 - Send Email Using SMTP Mail (ASP.NET, VB.Net)
CS0055 - Create a function that returns multiple values. VB.Net
CS0064 - Using the Windows Registry to store values. (Microsoft Access)
CS0065 - Centralized OpenReport Function for Microsoft Access 2000-2016
CS0066 - Centralized OpenForm Function for Microsoft Access 2000-2016
CS0068 - Using Cookies to persist user data (ASP)
CS0073 - FixQuotes Function (ASP.NET, VB.Net)
CS0083 - Disable Right Click in Browser Window. (Javascript)
CS0094 - Canadian Validation Expressions: Postal Code, S.I.N
CS0096 - Mouse Roll-Over Effects (Javascript)
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